Why You Crave Sugar So Much

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Dieting can be a real hassle! Cutting your favorite desserts, exercising, and resisting the urge to eat everything in the grocery store check out like is a constant exhaustion! But why? Why is this battle against will so tough to overcome? The truth is, there isn’t one answer to this question! Sugar has been kicking our asses for years and we won’t win the battle until we can understand our bodies demand for sugar, and how to consume it!

First, you crave sugar because you are hooked(most of the time)! Refined sugar has addictive properties that us sugar addicts aren’t even aware of! The blood sugar spike that we all experience is a high of its own. When we were kids it would cause a surge of energy that would have your Dads hair falling out. As adults however, we have built up a tolerance to the white gold, so the blood sugar spike only makes us perk up a little(our hearts still feel it though).

Fact is we are almost all sugar addicts! Try a week without refined sugar! You will experience all the symptoms of withdrawal, and if you can refrain from eating it for three weeks or more you will get a buzz that would send you through a wall, followed by a big crash when you reintroduce refined sugar! My advice-get off the white, but only the white sugar- we need sugar in our lives which brings me to my next point.


Second you are craving sugar(on some occasions) because you deprive yourself of essential sugar when “cleaning up” your diet. The fear of white sugar has caused us to cast judgement upon all sugars, but the fact is our body needs sugar to function optimally! Sugar provides fuel for movement, improves immunity to disease, and is crucial in mental clarity.

When you deprive your body of complex carbs(sugar), the body in return sends a demand for the food source to the brain. The disconnect for us occurs when we reach for the donuts or sugary drinks instead of eating a piece of fruit or blending a smoothie. Point being- when you crave sugar, eat it, but again, avoid the white, and choose fruit instead! It will be hard at first but you can do it!


Finally your body craves sugar because you are an active human(hopefully)! Perhaps you have noticed your sugar cravings to increase after working out.  When you exercise at a high intensity you deplete your glycogen stores(which is what your body breaks sugar into, through chemical processes)! Our bodies utilize sugar for movement, like a car utilizes gasoline. Once that supply is gone, our body lets us know about it by, again sending a signal to the brain to consume sugar!

This craving shouldn’t be ignored but, nourished with a protein smoothie, or a delicious protein-heavy vegetable stir fry! If you attempt to ignore this craving and avoid sugars, it is more likely than not that you will fall upon a bag of skittle or some other type of vice food and thus depleting the gains you worked so hard for prior to eating! Whats the point!?


To conclude Here’s a little secret my Mother told me long ago that works in all facets of life-“Everything in moderation”! You are craving sugar because its freaking normal to crave sugar! Our bodies need sugar to function optimally, its up to you to limit how much and what type you consume.  The war against refined sugar has caused a fear of all sugars, but sugars in the form of complex carbohydrates fuel and nourish the body. Depriving the body of all sugars only means short term progress and will leave you scatter brained, so keep it in moderation and use will power to eliminate white sugar from your diet!

As always, please reach out if you are curious to learn more!

The Problem With the Fitness Industry

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bad form

As the fitness industry continues to explode, so does a great deal of pitfalls that set regular folks up for failure. Whether its misinformation about the overall body transformation process or a young, inexperienced trainer, there are a wide number of ways things can go wrong. Today I am going to discuss the ones that annoy me the most and hopefully this helps you get a better idea of what you need to do to reach your goals!

First and, in my opinion, the worst of all of the problems with the fitness industry is the false expectations individuals have about the process thanks largely to shows like The Biggest Loser and, pop-up ads that show ridiculous and usually doctored before/after pictures. The constant exposure to these so called “success stories” leads our minds to expect immediate results, and guess what? For most of us, it doesn’t work like that. In fact most of the biggest loser participants end up right back at their original size because there was nothing natural about the way the achieved there results. Funny you don’t hear so much about that though right?

Another major issue with the fitness industry is the false conception we have of what we need to do to transform our bodies and get healthier! If you read my stuff you probably remember me mentioning the 80/20 ratio- and if not, 80/20 means achieving results in fitness is 80% related to your diet and 20% related to how you exercise! We see gyms popping up everywhere these days, when in fact the public as a whole would be better served with more nutrition centers and diet coaches(just being honest).

Finally, although I could probably list quite a few more issues, the last issue I want to discuss is young and or inexperienced trainers who put you at risk for a number of reasons. Keep in mind I speak about this knowing I was once both of these issues. Young and inexperienced trainers “don’t know what they don’t know” and usually they are good looking, confident, and suggestive, so people trust this trainers advice not knowing that could be a big mistake.

The most common issues with young and or inexperienced trainer are their lack of understanding of the human body and proper exercise progressions leads them to injure their clients(Also known as you). These young trainers also assume everyone loves exercise as much as they do, which is usually not the case, but the only perspective this young trainer has is their own, which makes them assume we all love 5 mile runs at 5am! To which most of us say “hell no”! Young and inexperienced trainers typically emphasis exercise too much and diet not enough! Again the lack of perspective makes them blind to the right approach to the process as a whole. In return this trainer will write you difficult training programs without much analysis and hardly any diet coaching. If you find yourself in this situation, get out!!

In conclusion, the world of fitness is exploding and so are the impostors! Do your research and treat your body like its a sacred temple that you must protect when looking at gyms to join, as well as how to approach your nutrition! If you are considering Peak Physique, let me assure you, that I will do everything I can to help you get to where you want to go!

1 Month Goal Sheet

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1 Month Goal

What is the Right Diet for Me?

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Man standing in front of open refrigerator, rear view

First of all, let me say, I am not a fan of the word “diet”! I believe the correct way to look at a modification of your eating habits should be as a “lifestyle change”. Meaning the intention of your change in eating habits is geared toward a eliminating bad habits forever.

Neglecting yourselves of certain foods with the intention of reintroducing those foods later on, commonly known as a “diet” will only bring you back to where you currently are, and this approach usually leads to failure rather quickly.  Below are a list of ways you can modify your diet habits that are effective when done correctly.

  1. Diet Logging- “If you bite it you right it” this approach makes you think twice about the foods you eat because you have to own up for it when you write it down on your log. If you want to take this approach, I recommend myfitnesspal.com. The website will give you caloric guidelines and all of your daily values for sodium, fat, carbohydrates, protein, etc.
  2. The Paleo Diet- Paleo eating is healthy, when done correctly and is very effective in complimenting your goals whether you are trying to lose or gain weight which is amazing! The Paleo diet is all about clean eating and its pretty simple: If a caveman could eat it, so can you! Go to http://www.paleoplan.com to learn more!
  3. The Whole30- The whole30 revolves around 30 days of clean eating followed by introducing better diet habits after the completion of the 30 days. I have seen people get great results from this plan and I am a big fan! Not only will this approach improve your nutrition but it will also make you healthier! Give it a try!
  4. Carb Cycling- Carb cycling is a great approach as long as you are following the guideline closely and you aren’t eating high fat meats. If you take this approach your high protein days should be abundant in veggie protein, lean meats, and fish! Also permission to eat carbs isnt permission to eat loads of refined sugar.

Best of luck with this daily battle! I hope you can reach your goals and you can enjoy the process as you go about it! If you need some professional help with the process please follow the link below and we can get you set up at Peak Physique!



Why Yoga?

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Yoga with Jodi

By now you have probably noticed Peak Physique is offering Yoga 2 times a week, and you make have asked yourself, “Why Yoga”? For most of you Yoga is not something you have tried or every saw yourself trying, but if you are not doing Yoga or some form of stretching for at least 20 minutes a week, you are losing flexibility by the week. Lets take a look at some of the major benefits of Yoga

Yoga makes you relax

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have stress! Yoga is a great way to relax and remove yourself from the stress of your everyday life. The deep breathing, constant energy focus, and relaxed environment cause you to set aside the things that make you most anxious, while giving you the focus attack your stressors successfully  after class.

Yoga improves flexibility

Its a fact, if you lift weights and don’t stretch a lot, you have tight muscles. The stress that resistance training puts on muscles causes tension and without deep stretching your flexibility could drop significantly. doing Yoga or some deep form of stretching for at least 30 minutes 2 times a week can make a significant improvement in overall flexibility.

Yoga improves energy and vitality

Deep breathing and energy focus are the keys factors in improved energy and vitality! During a normal day we tighten our breathing and take shallow breaths that don’t provide your body with the amounts of oxygen it requires to operate at an optimal level. Forced breathing in Yoga puts this issue to rest in just 1 session, leaving you feeling healthier and more energetic.

Yoga compliments our other workouts well

If you’re a member of Peak Physique you already know, the workouts are challenging, and weights are used a great deal. This is the reason I brought in a pro like Jodi Cummings! Her focus is on rehabilitative Yoga that restores flexibility and heals micro-tears in your muscles!

Yoga is great for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

If you’ve had an injury or currently have an imbalance that may cause injury, it is important that you address the issue carefully, working to strengthen and regain range of motion in the joint or muscle with the issue. Again, Jodi focuses on Yoga that heals and improves flexibility which is exactly what you need to heal and prevent injuries!


That sums it up people! If you are an exerciser Yoga is a must! Numbers haven’t been great in Yoga so far and that shouldn’t be because we all need it! Stop by Peak Physique this upcoming Saturday at 11 a.m., say you read this article to me, and I will give you half off the cost of class($5)! Hope to see you there!

Cardio vs. Weights

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Cardio vs Weights


If the picture above doesn’t give you some assumptions about what aspect of physical training is more beneficial to your overall wellbeing, than maybe the comprehensive comparison below will! Please read on to learn about why you should find yourself gripping a heavy piece of iron everyday of the week. Below is a more scientific summary of the energy systems our bodies use for exercise.

Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Exercise

Anaerobic processes do not require oxygen, and aerobic processes do. Generally speaking, anaerobic activities are the ones that are short in duration and requiring a lot of power, and aerobic ones are longer duration of a sustained effort. These processes are broken down into three different types of energy systems:

  • The Phosphagen System (Anaerobic) – This is the short-bust, high-intensity power stuff like weightlifting and sprinting. It is an all-out effort that lasts only seconds. The phosphagen system uses adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by breaking down creatine phosphate (CP), the latter of which is stored only in very small quantities. When the CP runs out, so does your body’s ability to use this energy system until CP is replenished via a rest interval. As an example, when you sprint you can only go all out for just a few seconds, and then your cells run out of stored CP and you have to slow down and switch over to a slower energy system, such as …
  • Glycolysis (Still Anaerobic) – Glycolysis is the breakdown of either glycogen stored in the muscle or glucose delivered in the blood as fuel which serves to resynthesize ATP (instead of CP). It doesn’t do it nearly as quickly as the phosaphagen system does, but it has a much higher capacity so this type of exertion can last longer. An example of using the glycolysis system would be something like basketball, hockey or intense downhill skiing.
  • Oxidative System (Aerobic) – This is the lower-intensity, prolonged exertion energy system that relies primarily on carbohydrates and fat as fuel, although protein can be used as well in sustained efforts that last longer than 90 minutes. Things like sustained running (not sprinting), cycling, swimming and couch rugby all use the oxidative system. These are your traditional “cardio” activities.

Duration and Intensity of Energy Systems

These systems don’t work as though one just shuts off and instantly transitions to the next if you switch from sprinting to fast running. Instead, there can be some overlap.

Here is a breakdown of exercise duration, the respective intensity, and the energy system(s) used:

Duration of Activity Intensity of Activity Primary Energy System(s)
0-6 seconds Extremely high Phosphagen
6-30 seconds Very high Phosphagen and glycolysis
30 seconds to 2 minutes High Glycolysis
2-3 minutes Moderate Glycolysis and oxidative
>3 minutes Low Oxidative

Adapted from Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, 3rd Edition

Which is Better?

The question here shouldn’t be, which one do I choose? Rather you should consider a more balanced approach to the process. The fact is too much of anything isn’t a good thing and it works that way for exercising too.

If you lift a lot and avoid cardio you will:

  1. Have a weaker Heart and Lungs than someone who mixes cardio in.
  2. Not burn as many calories at each workout.
  3. Have a harder time losing weight since your workouts wont be as intense.
  4. Potentially enlarge your own heart by putting too much constant pressure on it.

If you do a lot of cardio and avoid weight lifting you will:

  1. Train your body to pack on more fat. As you use fat stores for energy more and more, your body looks to keep more reserves of this fuel source around for future use. Thus training your body to hold onto fat.
  2. Increase odds of injury.  Its a fact, long term joint stress leads to injury. There are runners clinics for a reason.
  3. Burn Muscle at times. Cardio workouts can use muscle as a fuel source. Losing muscle slows the process and keeps your body from reaching its potential.
  4. Likely fail. I know, thats a negative outlook, but its true. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen the person who comes to the gym and hits that same treadmill or elliptical, for the same amount of time and at the same speed. This person stays the same physically, until they quit from boredom.

You must balance the time you spend between cardio and weights. If this sounds like too much thinking for you, please fill out the contact form below and I will give you some pointers.





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4 Ways to Kill Sugar Cravings

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Sugar can be an absolute plague to you seeing results in fitness. The daily cravings for it, the weekend ice-cream binges, and the constant exposure to it used as an additive cause major over consumption! It is said that the average American consumes over 300 pounds of sugar a year. If this is you, forget about looking your best this summer. You have bigger issues to deal with first. Below are 4 suggestions on how to perhaps overcome the sugar craving and reach new heights in your personal quest for better health.

  1. Sugar Detox 4 Times a Year- A quarterly cleanse is crucial to prevent old habits from coming back and they also prevent new bad habits from manifesting themselves in your body. I am a big believer in cleanses, and believe they truly reboot your body in many ways. During a cleanse you become aware of your addiction to refined sugar, and it is very empowering to resist answering the call. After the first three days those sugar cravings weaken and you will be able to satisfy it with fruits.
  2. Drink More Water- Too many times people consume a significant amount of sugar through soft drinks. Soda, juices, and coffees tend to be loaded with added sugar. These drinks can pack over 3 days worth of sugar in one large cup. A common mistake people make is drinking something like Orange Juice and thinking they are making a healthy choice. Sadly its likely they are not. Check the labels and if you see there is a lot of refined sugar, stop drinking it. In fact, do yourself a favor by sticking primarily to water. In turn your body will be significantly healthier and you will find yourself craving sugar even less.
  3. Eat a High Protein Breakfast- Eating a healthy breakfast has proven to increase metabolism and protein can be very helpful in keeping your body satisfied long after a meal. Without getting too deep into the science of it, your body is able to use protein more effectively as a fuel for your body, than sugar. And this means you won’t be hungry as quickly following your last meal, and you will eat less through the day.
  4. Eat Fruit Instead– Sometimes your body needs sugar. Believe it or not sugar, in its natural state,(not refined sugar) is great for you and is crucial to your body functioning properly. Therefore giving your body the correct kind, from fruit, is very beneficial to your brain function, immunity to sickness, and overall energy levels. Next time you feel that candy bar craving try eating a banana and waiting 20 minutes for it to absorb instead. You may realize you don’t need the candy bar after all!

Weight Loss Made Simple

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Lets be honest, weight loss isn’t easy. Weight loss doesn’t just boil down to you doing some extra walking and bam, you lose 10 pounds. Weight loss requires many resets on personal behaviors, and everyday activities. Today, just for fun, I am going to highlight the major things I have noticed in weight loss success stories! Perhaps this will put you in the frame of mind you need to reach the results you are looking for! Enjoy!

Be Patient and Embrace the Process- We are all guilty of wanting immediate results in most everything we do, but it just doesn’t work that way in the gym, unless you are on The Biggest Loser(I will save that for another day). I always start a relationship with a client by telling them “you will notice results by month 3”.  Some trainers will tell you that you can reach your peak in a month, but people who make those types of promises are usually full of it! Embrace the process and appreciate what you have achieved EVERYTIME you challenge your body with a good workout! I wouldn’t be fully immersed in this lifestyle if it wasn’t fun, trust me, you will learn to love it with time too!

Set Goals Everyday- In order to change who you are you must set challenging, everyday goals! Meaning you write in a daily log, for example, “today, I Carl Johnson, will exercise for no less than 30 minutes.” or “Today I will eat only 1 chocolate treat at work, instead of the usual 4” Once you have achieved your goal, take a pen and cross the goal out! There are few things more empowering than acknowledging that you knocked that goal out!

Don’t Weigh Yourself- Don’t obsess about the scale. Weighing yourself goes against embracing the journey! If you are stepping on the scale daily, all of the fluctuations will drive you insane! Ever heard the saying “a watched pot of water, won’t boil”? Same thing here! Check your weight once a month and again, don’t obsess about the scale!

Modify Diet, Don’t Restrict Calories- As you probably know, I am a big believer in myfitnesspal, which is a system you can use, for free online, to journal your food. I truly believe one should log food consumption and analyze the number of grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein to determine the correct plan of action to move forward with weight loss.  Which leads to my next point!

Get Help- Seek professional advice for your approach to both diet and exercise! If you want the safest and most efficient approach to the battle get help! Yes, I am a little biased, but I also know the vast amount of bad information out in internet world that could not only halt your progress, but lead you to injury too! Follow the link below if you would like help with diet or exercise!


Celebrate Every Success- This goes back to embracing the journey! You should celebrate every small success, even if that small success is you going to the gym when you are a little tired! Every small victory sends you a little closer to your end goal, so celebrate them!

Lift Heavy and Vary Your Workouts- A common mistake made by rookies is to just stay on a treadmill or elliptical and expect something to happen! If this is you, it is likely(unless you are a god of nutrition) you haven’t seen great results. Heavy lifting taxes your bodies muscular structures, causing increased hormone production, and metabolism boosts that lead to results! This is the part I help with and I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore!


Hope this has been helpful! Thanks for reading!





Are injuries slowing you from reaching your goals in the gym? If so, you are not alone. There are a lot of possible reasons why you are experiencing pain. Perhaps it is something you are doing incorrectly in your approach, and you can fix it by simply correcting the issue, or perhaps you may need a second opinion to keep you from further injury.

A compilation of data related to common exercise injuries has shown 5 common issues that cause injury. Please read on to see if perhaps you are making one of these mistakes. Doing so could prevent you from missed workouts, and a visit to the Chiropractor.

5 Ways You Could be Injuring Yourself

You don’t bother to warm up

A cold muscle is rigid, stiff, and vulnerable to tear, which is why we ALWAYS warm up, at Peak Physique, before getting into the “nuts and bolts” of the workout. Dynamic Stretch routines are the best way to warm-up, but if that is beyond your scoop of knowledge, a 5-10 minute bout on the treadmill, stairmaster, or rower will certainly increase blood flow!

You work yourself too hard, too soon

A classic mistake that is especially common in the New Years crowd is doing too much, too soon. Your body needs to be eased back into exercise and starting back up with a killer workout only works against you. The fact is your body weakens after just 3 days of inactivity, so after a few months, you will not be able to do near what you did prior. When you push too hard muscles tear, form sucks, workouts aren’t fun and you could miss the next 3 days because you made your muscles way too sore.

You let your form break

Exercising with bad form is a great way to end up on the shelf with a serious injury. If you feel your form is compromised for any reason, stop what you are doing, and evaluate what you need to do to regain correct form. If you are unsure of what “good form” is, please contact me at 612-298-5326 and we can take it from there.

You push past the pain

Pushing past pain might make you feel good about yourself but you could be making an already injured muscle or appendage worse. Listen to your body, and if it hurts don’t do it. Ignoring pain is never the correct approach to any form of injury.

You don’t take a recovery day

Recovery days are crucial to your bodies overall wellbeing. Muscle needs time to regenerate and get stronger. Hormone levels need to be replenished and sometimes a mental break is necessary. You must realize you cant build more muscle on an already sore muscle, and you are wasting your time if you are doing that. I always tell clients take a day to shift your focus to diet related preparation. Pre-cook meals and plan how you are going to eat, looking ahead, because your results are more defined by how you eat anyway.

If you have found none of these issues to be related to your injuries or pain, then I suggest you seek the help of a professional. While I am more than happy to talk to you about whatever issues you may be having free of charge at Peak Physique, your best bet would be to contact my friends at Donnelly Chiropractic. Donnelly will assess, treat, and rehab any injuries that can be repaired without surgery.