How to Warm-Up Properly

Posted: 21st August 2017 by grabowrc85 in Uncategorized

Young couple jogging in park at morning. Health and fitness.

Are you warming up? Are you confident you are performing the right movements to warm your body properly? If you answered no to either of these questions this is the article for you! Warming up, to me, is like doing the dishes, its not fun, but to avoid a major mess, you should absolutely do it! Today I am going to discuss, briefly the reasons you warm up and how to do it effectively, and from here on out you will begin your workouts, by getting your body warm.


First, lets start with a couple reasons why warming up benefits you as an exerciser.

  1. Warming up improves your muscle elasticity, making you less susceptible to pulled and torn muscles.
  2.  Warming up makes you a more productive machine as an exerciser because the blood required to build muscle has already increased in the appendages. When you warm up with a “first set” without doing an overall warm-up you usually don’t see results from the first 2-3 sets.
  3. Warming up helps put you in the state of mind you need to be in to forget about your stresses and shift to focusing on your workout. An amateur exerciser might find this one to be silly, but there is scientific facts to back this. If you focus on the exercise and muscles that are working, during the movement, you can increase the muscles contractions by 30%. When you are thinking about your workday, while performing your sets you are not getting that extra 30%, thus making you less effective in your time spent at the gym.


With that being said, what is a good warm-up? Below is a list of things you should consider when compiling a good warm-up into your routine.

1. Does the warm-up increase range of motion in the muscles you are planning on exercising?

Most important of all things stated here, you need to make sure that your warm-up is utilizing the muscles that you plan on exercising during your workout. Also you want to increase the range of motion in those muscles by reaching and elongating the muscles. Youtube has some great warm-up routines and if you look carefully, you will find the right warm-up for you!

2. Does the warm-up increase your heart rate?

A simple test for this is do you have sweat on your head? Is it hard to say more then 1 sentence at a time without breathing? If you answered no to either question you need to make the warm up a little more challenging! Again, look at youtube or ask me if you need help getting on track with some great warm-up moves

3. Are you focused on your workout?

If you answered no to this one, you need to reassess your warm-up or perhaps concentrate more on your workout, and less on the outside world. Maybe you need more time to warm-up too! Some people take a little longer to focus than others! I happen to be someone who takes a little longer to focus on the task at hand!


Thanks for reading! I hope you found this helpful, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything regarding fitness.