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Are injuries slowing you from reaching your goals in the gym? If so, you are not alone. There are a lot of possible reasons why you are experiencing pain. Perhaps it is something you are doing incorrectly in your approach, and you can fix it by simply correcting the issue, or perhaps you may need […]

Reduce your Risk for Heart Attack

Posted: 16th January 2017 by grabowrc85 in Uncategorized

Heart attacks have become more and more common. And the number of people experiencing a fatal event are increasing each year. There are a lot of reasons for this increase and usually more than a few “bad habits” in a persons life that can put them at an increased risk. Today, I am happy to […]

The Problem with Omega 3’s

Posted: 9th January 2017 by grabowrc85 in Uncategorized

Omega 3 fats are vital to heart health, the problem is, a lot of us are not consuming near enough of these very important fats. Our Midwestern diets do not include a lot of fish, and seafood.  We’ve also been mislead to believe all fats are bad, which is very untrue. Our mid-western diets put us at a dangerous […]

Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work

Posted: 2nd January 2017 by grabowrc85 in Uncategorized

Its that time of year again…. Gyms will be packed with new faces, people will be proclaiming great ambitions for the year ahead, and the supplement industry will have its best month of the year by a long shot. Today, I want to encourage you to avoid being a part of this group. The fact is New Years Resolutions don’t work. Below are […]