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5 Tips to Survive Christmas

Posted: 19th December 2016 by grabowrc85 in Uncategorized

Keep the focus on fun, not food Most holidays are associated with certain foods. Christmas at your house might not be the same without your aunt’s green been casserole, but that doesn’t mean food has to be the main focus. Instead, throw yourself into the other rituals a holiday brings, whether it’s board games or tree trimming. […]

Rucking- A Cheap, and Effective Way to Lose Weight

Posted: 5th December 2016 by grabowrc85 in Uncategorized

Rucking     Does walking to lose weight sound appealing to you? As a coach who sees longevity in exercise as more important than six pack abs, I can’t help but be a major advocate for “rucking” to lose weight. Rucking by definition is purposefully marching – conditioning yourself to travel long distances on varied […]