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Peak Physique Personal Training in Milwaukee

Greetings and welcome to, the home of Peak Physique Personal Training LLC! Peak Physique is now located at 8303 W. Becher Street in West Allis. Peak Physique offers group training, and 1 on 1 personal training. Please continue reading on to learn more about this new and exciting gym!


See Your Results

Unlike at traditional fitness centers, at Peak Physique every workout you do is coached by a professional trainer. This ensures you will be pushing your body in ways that will allow you to see results, while having the confidence that you will not injure your self or do things incorrectly.


Peak Physique is focused on making your experience enjoyable and challenging every time you workout. When you join our 12 month group classes you are given a free Myzone heart rate monitor, which grades every workout you do. This great program allows you to track your workout up to the second by casting your heart rate on a television. The picture below displays the “tiles” that broadcast your Heart Rate!



Work Hard and Have Fun at Peak Physique

Pushing your abilities is what makes you grow and see results. When you come to Peak Physique you will be asked to work hard and rise to challenges! We are a fitness community here and that means we do fun fitness related activities outside of workouts. This year we tested our luck at the Warrior Dash. It was muddy, fun, and a great challenge!


Our class schedule stretches across the span of a typical day, and the focus of the class structure is to compliment each workout correctly with the next days workouts!  Yoga Instructor Jodi Cummings offers her Yoga services Mondays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m.! Below is the list of all classes offered at Peak Physique Personal Training.


tabata-intervals-classes-peak-physique-personal-training-milwaukee-imagecircuit-training-class-peak-physique-personal-training-milwaukee-image small-group-class-peak-physique-personal-training-milwaukee-image

If you are interested in a real tour of the studio, contact Ricky Grabow, owner/personal trainer, and let Peak Physique Personal Training help you “Take Your Health to the Peak.”


Ricky Grabow is the founder and currently the sole operator of Peak Physique Personal Training. Please read his bio below!


Educational Background:  Bachelor of Science Kinesiology from UW-Eau Claire

Greetings! In my day to day life, I am often asked “Why did you become a personal trainer?” The answer is simple; I became a personal trainer because fitness is my true passion in life! In pursuing my passion for exercise, I found an even deeper passion in sharing my knowledge and expertise with others!

My goal as a trainer is to make everyone’s experience enjoyable, while getting great results. I take pride in delivering results and have worked to develop a system that makes reaching your goals realistic and achievable.

My goal as a professional is to continue to educate myself in a fashion that will make me an even better resource for the community and my clients. I have a belief that “nothing is worth doing if you’re not going to do it right” and I take that approach to the gym every day! If you are looking for results that will last a lifetime we could have a great future together!


Best Wishes,

Ricky Grabow
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